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The British Bullmastiff Newsletter
Monthly British newsletter of Bullem information.  Subscription fees for this newsletter are contributed to Bullmastiff Welfare.  Bullmastiff Welfare is a rescue organization in Europe.

The Bullmastiff Bulletin
Journal of the American Bullmastiff Association:
Published by the ABA 3 times  yearly. May be ordered by non-members through current editor: Mari Hannigan

  • Subscriptions are $36.00 annually. (3 issues per year)
  • Single issues are $12.00 (back issues are $8.00)
  • Foreign subscriptions are $47 (except Canada which is $36.00)

The Bullseye
by Carol Beans, published by Carol Beans 12131 Arroyo Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92705  (714) 544-1824, $35 per year, $50 for Canada & overseas

The Bullmastiff Annual
Published annually by Hoflin Publishing, 4401
Zephyr Street, Wheat Ridge, CO  80033- 3299 (303) 420-2222 or
1-800-352-5678, Cindy Kerstiens

The Canadian Bullmastiff Journal
Helene Hansmann, editor  RR#1, Moffat, Ontario, L0P 1J0 519-822-4329 (& fax)

Bullmastiff Rescue Guides
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General Bullmastiff Information & History
Health & Nutrition Guides
Newsletters & Magazines
Training Guides
Travel Guides
Dog Fancy - 12 issues per year.
The editorial focus of this magazine is for the dog lover, including professional breeders, show exhibitors and general pet owners. Its feature articles cover information on canine diet, grooming, exotic and domestic breeds, medical news and tips for showing. Show schedules, new dog products and how-to ideas are listed monthly.

Dog World - 12 issues per year
Is edited for the serious dog enthusiast. Readers include: not only the professional in the pet industry conformation and obedience exhibitors, groomers, kennel operators, veterinarians and hobby breeders but also people who are owners of man's best friend. Each issue contains articles such topics as healthcare, training, nutrition, appearance, grooming, breeding, shows, legislation, and breed traits.

Dog & Kennel - 6 issues per year
Produced bimonthly, by Pet Business Inc., Dog & Kennel is your source for entertaining, informative and authoritative information about dogs. Each issue is packed with fascinating articles, including breed profiles, medical reports, training advice, dogs at work and stories about special dogs.

Pet Life - 6 issues per year
Pet Life is for pet owners interested not only in companion animals, but also in the larger animal kingdom. The magazine's articles explore the emotional and socially helpful way that humans relate to animals. Each issue of Pet Life is thought-provoking, heart-stirring, and educational.


Puppy photo contributed by Albertapride Bullmastiffs Puppy photo contributed by Albertapride Bullmastiffs Renee King and her Bullmastiff.  Contributed by Albertapride Bullmastiffs Kelli and Her Puppy.  Contributed by Kelli Johnsen of Kansas Bullmastiff Rescue Linda Thompson and Barbara Coffman with Grady and Bubbles.  This photo was contributed by Linda Thompson who owns Bubbles and co-owns Grady. Scout in his Halloween outfit.  Contributed by his owners the Hollingtons who adopted Scout from Florida Bullmastiff Rescue. Scout playing Santa with his two girls.  Contributed by his owners the Hollingtons who adopted Scout from Florida Bullmastiff Rescue.
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