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Unless otherwise notated, all articles are written and are the expressed opinion of the sole owner and maintainer of this site:  Ahmılan Impressions, Incorporated.  Data obtained for this site is collected through several years of breeder polls, interviews, articles, and reader criticisms.  All information and hyperlinks contained within these pages are provided for the sole purpose of convenience to the viewer.  Any information shown or linked to may or may not be 100% accurate and the author of the site is not liable and does not guarantee any article or product as being as such.  All data on this site is maintained and kept up-to-date on a monthly basis at minimum.  The owner of this site is not a breeder, exhibitor, or Bullmastiff Club member.  The owner of this site does attempt to portray an unbiased image of the Bullmastiff and all of the circumstances associated with the Bullmastiff breed. 

The purpose of The Bullem Mall is to provide a one-stop, convenient shopping area where Corporate Sponsors may promote their product for the use of fund raising income for Nonprofit Bullmastiff Interest Organizations.  Nonprofit Bullmastiff Interest Organizations may include, but are not limited to Bullmastiff Rescue Groups/Individuals, Bullmastiff Health & Research Groups, Bullmastiff Protection Groups, and Bullmastiff Information Groups.

All products sold at The Bullem Mall are provided by Corporate Sponsors who will donate a portion of the sale item to the selected Nonprofit Bullmastiff Interest Organization indicated by the shopper when finalizing their order.  Quality, shipment, warranties, and payments are submitted directly from the shopper to the Corporate Sponsor of the purchased item.  The shopper must contact the Corporate Sponsor for inquiries on privacy policy, return policy, and merchandise disputes.  In no event will The Bullem Mall be liable for any product/service defects, delays, warranties, or damages.   

Corporate Sponsors are responsible for ensuring that collected funds are donated to the appropriate Nonprofit Bullmastiff Interest Organization.  The Bullem Mall assumes no association or responsibility for the amount of donations that are or are not allocated to any Nonprofit Bullmastiff Interest Organization.

The Bullem Mall does not collect, ship, warehouse, or warranty any product or service offered on this website.  The Bullem Mall does not store any shopper information whatsoever.  The shopper must inquire with the Corporate Sponsor on what their privacy policies entail.



Puppy photo contributed by Albertapride Bullmastiffs Puppy photo contributed by Albertapride Bullmastiffs Renee King and her Bullmastiff.  Contributed by Albertapride Bullmastiffs Kelli and Her Puppy.  Contributed by Kelli Johnsen of Kansas Bullmastiff Rescue Linda Thompson and Barbara Coffman with Grady and Bubbles.  This photo was contributed by Linda Thompson who owns Bubbles and co-owns Grady. Scout in his Halloween outfit.  Contributed by his owners the Hollingtons who adopted Scout from Florida Bullmastiff Rescue. Scout playing Santa with his two girls.  Contributed by his owners the Hollingtons who adopted Scout from Florida Bullmastiff Rescue.
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