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Bullmastiffs Today - Hardcover
by Lyn Pratt
This covers historical information and pictures on past show dog winners and bloodlines, as well as some practical information on the Bullmastiff.  Good reading for those already familiar with the Bullmastiff breed.   

Everyone's Guide to the Bullmastiff - Softcover
by Carol Beans
Artwork by Angela McGraw
Medical information by Dr. Barbara Reichel
This covers a lot of general information about the Bullmastiff that both the pet owner and potential breeder may be interested in.  Good reading for families before they adopt a Bullmastiff.  Great tips on picking a puppy, veterinarian, and your responsibilities.
The book is $12 including postage.

The Bullmastiff Manual (The World of The Bullmastiff)  - Hardcover
by Bill Walkey
According to the reviews - this covers both historical and generalized information about the Bullmastiff breed.  Has potential to be an excellent guide for first time owners.   Once I purchase this book and have a chance to read it, it's category may change on this page.

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Puppy photo contributed by Albertapride Bullmastiffs Puppy photo contributed by Albertapride Bullmastiffs Renee King and her Bullmastiff.  Contributed by Albertapride Bullmastiffs Kelli and Her Puppy.  Contributed by Kelli Johnsen of Kansas Bullmastiff Rescue Linda Thompson and Barbara Coffman with Grady and Bubbles.  This photo was contributed by Linda Thompson who owns Bubbles and co-owns Grady. Scout in his Halloween outfit.  Contributed by his owners the Hollingtons who adopted Scout from Florida Bullmastiff Rescue. Scout playing Santa with his two girls.  Contributed by his owners the Hollingtons who adopted Scout from Florida Bullmastiff Rescue.
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