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The Ideal Bullmastiff Bed
Purchase of this Bullmastiff bed benefits Bullmastiff Welfare in the United Kingdom!   Order shipment is also available worldwide.  E-mail


Kuranda Bed
Hooch tested and approved! Finally, a bed for Bullmastiffs who chew on stuff! This bed's unique design tucks the fabric panel inside a PVC frame - safely hidden away from teeth. Practically eliminates chewed edges and keeps your dog up and off of hard, cold surfaces. Forest Green Cordura nylon canvas (note: Cordura will puddle if rained on). Lightweight, non-corrosive, ideal for outdoor or indoor use. Easy to clean. Large, XL and XX-large sizes are reinforced with steel rods for greater support.

For the Bullmastiff
For the Human
Kennel-Aire Suitcase Crates -!Precision Pet Suitcase Crates
These crates fold "suitcase-style" in seconds for easy portability and storage, and it requires no tools to assemble. It's made of durable, black electro-coated metal and features an ABS plastic pan and slide-bolt latches. Crate training your Bullmastiff will solve behavioral problems and cut housebreaking time in half! 

Mesh Cabana CratesMesh Cabana Crates
Hooch tested and approved!  Portable, lightweight, and easy-to-use!  Just fold it up and pack it away in a small space within your vehicle!  This wonderful crate will give your Bullem some privacy while allowing for the fresh breeze to flow through.  Not recommended for Bullmastiffs that have not been properly crate trained yet.  But, great for those that are! 

Extra Soft Crate Beds

EQSNZ.jpg (2926 bytes)Snoozy Bumper Crate Beds
Your dog will love this bed in a crate or all by itself. There's about 1/4" of padding on the bottom and a generous bumper all the way around. It's easy to transport, just roll it up and tuck it away. Tilli loves her SnooZZy bed. Completely machine washable so if your dog has an accident, just throw it in the washer and tumble dry (the bed, not your dog). No zippers or foam pads to mess with. We all know once you get one of those foam things out of the liner you can't get them back in without a fight. With this bed you'll never have that problem again!


Bullmastiff Crate Cooling FanCrate Cooling Fan
Hooch tested and approved! We all know just how sensitive our Bullmastiffs are to the heat and this cooling fan must have been invented just for our Bullems!  Here is a fan you can hang on your Bullmastiff's crate or set on the floor. It operates on two "D" batteries (not included) for up to 100 hours. It's very quiet, has two speeds and moves quite a bit of air. The "hangers" retract so they don't break during transportation. It would be very difficult for little paws (or fingers) to get to the fan due to the protection surrounding it but if they did, the fan just stops without any owies. Includes a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.
Size: 7.5" tall, 6.5" wide, 2.5" deep. Weight: 1.3 lbs with batteries

Relaxation Therapies

Rescue Remedy
Marian tested and approved! We use this primarily on Bullmastiffs who suffer from severe separation anxiety and/or for thunderstorm sensitivities.  One or two drops directly on the tongue or in the water bowl during an anxiety attack generally does the trick.  If not, you can take it yourself and leave the room.

Drool & Bath Towels

Drool & Bath Towel SetClick here to purchase "Drool & Bath Towel Set" Online Now!Drool & Bath Towel Set - Hand crafted for durability, usability, and beauty! Drool towels are perfectly sized to soak up those dripping faces. Bath towels are roomy and absorbent to fluff that wet fur or wash off those muddy paws. The Bath Towel is embellished with a Bullmastiff "soaking" in the tub.  The Drool Towel is embellished with a Bullmastiff holding a "drool" towel - ready for a face wash.  Drool & Bath Towel Set is offered in cream color.  

Available colors include:  Cream, Blue, Green

Once you have processed your order online, please click here to send us your color of choice for this item via email so that we may package your order immediately.  If you are including your Bullmastiff's name on the bath towel, please include the name in this email also.

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Puppy photo contributed by Albertapride Bullmastiffs Puppy photo contributed by Albertapride Bullmastiffs Renee King and her Bullmastiff.  Contributed by Albertapride Bullmastiffs Kelli and Her Puppy.  Contributed by Kelli Johnsen of Kansas Bullmastiff Rescue Linda Thompson and Barbara Coffman with Grady and Bubbles.  This photo was contributed by Linda Thompson who owns Bubbles and co-owns Grady. Scout in his Halloween outfit.  Contributed by his owners the Hollingtons who adopted Scout from Florida Bullmastiff Rescue. Scout playing Santa with his two girls.  Contributed by his owners the Hollingtons who adopted Scout from Florida Bullmastiff Rescue.
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